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I will draw your OC/Fursona!
Copperpaw ref by PhandomTrashNumber1

Mature Content

Leigh ref by PhandomTrashNumber1
Jordan - art for WalkInTheParker by PhandomTrashNumber1

I will draw your OC or your Fursona. I can only do Feral (walks on four legs and acts like an animal) or Anthro (walks on two legs and acts like a human) OC/Fursona, because i can't draw humans. and i won't do anything NSFW.


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🌑 Lee
🌒 13
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🌕 Shy/Emo/Dramatic/and Short tempered
🌖 Single Pringle ;w;
🌗 Adopted and biracial (im part scottish and part african american)
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o and Kandi wears the metaphorical pants in the relationship but Rift refuses to admit it even tho its pretty obvious. ;w;  And Kandi is really oblivious to smol things but Rift thinks its so cute and just wants to cuddle and smooch her :-3
o and Kandi has hedgehog spines instead of fur on her back, arms, and neck. it feels like fur tho until it, like, sticks up. then it hardens and gets really sharp. :-3
and i made a fursona for my gf/best friend named Kandi. Kandi is a pink hedgedog (hedgehog/dog hybrid) with a furless prihensile tail (prehensile means she can grasp things with it). she has bootiful green eyes & her hair is usually in a braid. and she's a few months younger than Rift but taller & she likes rock and her and Rift are super coot girlfriends even tho Rift tries to act like a quiet emotionless rock all the time but Kandi can turn her into a huge dork really fast ;w;
o and i have a new fursona named Rift. she's a black dragon with yellow eyes, and is hella punk-rock. and she has really short black hair and she's the Ultimate Lesbian
imma get dA on my new phone & post some traditional art later tomorrow while im @ school after i finish my ACT tests. :-3


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